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Board Meeting
Fourth Thursday of Month
Every Month
7 PM


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Local Cable Access Channel 5
Time Warner Digital Channel 5.104


Tipp-Monroe Cable Access Commission

Sarah Gregory, Administrative Coordinator
Greta Clingan
, Production Coordinator

Commissioners, Monroe Township

Bob Archer, President
Ron Kress

Mackenzie English

Commissioners, Tipp City

Joanna Pittenger, Vice President

Karen Fry
Daniel Gilbert

Commissioners, Ex Officio

Joe Gibson, Tipp City Council Representative
Gordon Pittenger
Phil Cox, Monroe Township Trustee Representative



  • Greta Clingan, Production Coordinator

  • Sarah Gregory, Administrative Coordinator

  • Bob Archer, President and Monroe Township Commissioner

  • Joanna Pittenger, Vice President and Tipp City Commissioner

  • Karen Fry, Tipp City Commissioner

  • Joe Gibson, Ex Officio Commissioner and Tipp City Council Representative

  • Gordon Pittenger, Ex Officio Commissioner

  • Phil Cos, Monroe Township Trusteee Representative